All our products have their own story, their soul, inherited and passed on from generation to generation. It is a story infused with an exceptional know how and cultural heritage. It is also a story of our time, since these products belong to our everyday lives, fill them with joy and enhance our friendly moments at home.

Show Ceramics, Flower and Botanic

(fr) Les rencontres nous #1
bouquet de saison nous paris rue clauzel fleurs vase les guimards

Visiting Barbara Lormelle’s workshop

Embellish the everyday life
portrait Barbara Lormelle céramiste atelier

A story of trees

Knieja Wood, eco-designed wooden objects made by hand

Traditional craftsmanship meets contemporary design

Asemi Co, young promising ceramic studio

Artisan d’art Eric Hibelot’s personal universe

The contemporary porcelain of Eric Hibelot

A 240 years old design

The Royal Copenhagen porcelain tradition

A journey to Pia Van Peteghem’s world

Matière à réflexion

The ethnic chic of traditional basketry

Inspiring wall decoration

Dancing hands in Art Tissage weaving cooperative

Saving a heritage of embroiderers and weavers

Kinfolk camp tableware

Marble enamelware at its best

Fashion week just feels like home

Our top 6 trends

Understated delicacy, picnicking in porcelain

Celebrate spring on the table

A cosy winter table

The Earth is blue like an orange

Sunday brunch at Sabine & Nicky’s

A cool mix of vietnamese and malagasy influences

A morning visit to Aurelie Dorard’s studio

In the heart of creativity