Sunday brunch at Sabine & Nicky’s

A cool mix of vietnamese and malagasy influences

Nous a la table de Sabine et Nicky1



wice per month, nous is invited to seat at the table of the ones who cherish welcoming and inviting friends, family and their loved ones over. Whether a big meal, milk and cookies or a fresh summer salad, as long as they’re is the wish to enjoy sharing the moment and the warmth of a get together.
For this first edit, we penetrated the cosy, colorful and incredibly heteroclite interior of Sabine and Nicky’s.
It is our turn to invite you to discover the magic of their home and because they are so generous, they welcome you to seat at their table.

Nous a la table de Sabine et Nicky5

Hello sabine, could you tell us a few words about who you are ?

We are a couple living in Lyon, half way from where we come from, me beinng from Paris and Nicky from Marseille. I studied fashion design in Studio Bercot and became a stylist for different houses. Today I share my time between the development of my own brand and my work as a photographer which I do with my fiance. We started up Nicky Rasa and specialize in wedding photography.

How would you describe your interior design ? Your own personal touch ?

Colorful ! We live under the roof which is a risky choice because the rooms are smaller but the light here is incredible and to us, being able to see the sky is priceless. I love hunting for antics or bargains. Our furniture come from flee markets or Leboncoin, nothing is new, everything has a story ! I think we could sum up our interior design to wool and photography. Nicky covers the walls with images, and I use wool for everything… throws, rugs and to decorate various objects. It brings colors to our space, I find the result very joyful !

Where does your tableware come from? How do you select it?

In vietnamese culture, the dishes are simple: bowls, sticks, that’s it… I discovered tableware when Joséphine and other friends gave me a set as a birthday present. It’s a beautiful mix between asian art and design, I love it. Since then I keep buying the same style to expand the collection. I prefer to have all my tableware in the same blue color. That way I get less tired of it, it’s timeless. To set a table I always use a dish depending of the food I make: big bowls to eat noodles; small bowls for rice, saucer… I enjoy mixing patterns among the plates and bowls to make it visually mismatched !

Nous a la table de Sabine et Nicky36

Could you tell us what you’ve prepared today ?

I wanted to share a precious moment for us, the sunday brunch ! We always prepare it when we have guests at home for the weekend.

Because of my asian heritage, I like to eat sweet and sour. The brunch is a good time for that. Usually I bake a carrot cake and prepare choco-coco homemade granola and pancakes that I like to eat with my moms homemade jam. For savoury dishes, boiled eggs, ham from Sibilla’s deli and cheese from la Mère Richard. For drinks, rooibos, vietnamese or chinese teas. Tea is our milk to us vietnamese !

Do you enjoy welcoming people at your table ? What would you do for them ?

As our family and friends live quite far from us, when they visit us they plan in advance and stay the whole weekend ! That way I have time to think of the menus, it’s my way of doing things, well organized ! I really enjoy when I can make them discover new and different flavors, that’s why we mainly cook vietnamese and reunionese. In the asian culture, we don’t have individual plates, people really share the meal. The main dish is rice, then everyone has a piece of the dishes presented at the centre of the table. That way everybody actively participate to the meal. Hosting is very important to us. We love having people at home, introducing them to our universe and making them feel at home. The table is really something that matters as it conveys our way of life.

What’s the best moment for you ?

Seating at the table and eat obviously !

Do you have a « table » story you’d like to share with us ?

That one time for chinese new year, I had prepared fish. The thing is that in Asia, you prepare the whole fish with the head and everything, and you actually eat everything. People were choqued and disgusted ! We had to redo everything and present it the « french » way ! Since that time, I always warn people before I serve them fish.

What do you like most about your neighborhood/city ?

We live close to the Halles Bocuse. I love this place, we always find excellent products it really is a highlight in Lyon. The Rhone river banks are gorgeous at night and there are barges all along to have a bite or a drink. When I need inspiration I go to the Antiques shops neighborhood. When I have guests, I take them to the hights of Fourvière, visit the basilica and admire the city from up there.

Your favorite shops for food and tableware ?

Auguste et Cocotte and Hyggelig in the 2nd, are two amazing concept stores with a very rich curated selection. They are a true enchantment for the eye, you buy anything there and it will look fabulous in your home. The Univers du Japon in the 6th is a tiny boutique which you could easily miss, but it specializes in japanese products and it has a beautiful selection of plates, bowls, cups, that you can’t find elsewhere !

Your favorite restaurants and cafes ?

In the 7th, Lello is a delicious italian restaurant, where they prepare homemade pasta in a whole parmesan cheese, like in Italy ! I love the Konditori, a super nice coffee shop close to our place. We discovered it recently and it really feels like home, not to mention that the deserts are super yummy.

Would you share a brunch receipe with nous ?

For a 4 persons brunch or teatime
– homemade granola (300g of oat flakes, 2 tablespoons of hazelnuts oil, 4 tablespoons agave syrup, a few whole hazelnuts and almonds, you can add shreded coconut, chocolate…)
– 500g cottage cheese or yoghurt
– 2 tablespoons of honey
– spéculoos biscuits
-100g of rasberries
-100g of strawberries
– a few blueberries
– icing sugar
In a glass tumbler, crumble the speculoos and add the granola. Mix the yoghurt together with the honey. Add on top. And finish with the red berries and the icing sugar. For the sweet lovers replace the yoghurt with vanilla ice cream !

Nous a la table de Sabine et Nicky8