Kirstie Van Noort

Kirstie Van Noort

Kirstie van Noort is a ceramicist who sees design as a way to communicate a certain process or the story behind a material. Based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, she has quite an intellectual and esthetical approach of her subjet of work. When she is intr... Read more

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Cornwall deep plate medium D 22cm / caramel brown semi matte

Kirstie Van Noort


Some designers are working to make materials smarter; product designer Kirstie van Noort focuses on making things more sensitive. The Cornwall plate collection tells the story of how Kirstie came to create a collection of ceramic paint directly inspired by Cornwall, England. This semi matte caramel brown desert plate is a nice mix and match with the larger dinner plate and will bring character and a gourmet feel to your tables. The plates are of white porcelain with the inside colored with Cornwall pigments. The colors connect directly to nature and its beauty and show the richness of the landscape. They all derive from twelve materials found in the ground originating from the china, tin and copper industry in Cornwall in which they were once flourishing industries. In order to turn them into ceramic paint, the materials have been dried and ground, diluted with water and applied as a color coating to earthenware and china. It is the distinctive character of nature and handmade that sets each of these plates apart. This glaze is perfectly food safe. ... more details





Caramel brown semi matte


Diameter 22cm


Suitable for dishwasher and microwave



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