Fog Linen

Fog Linen

Yumiko Sekine is a Japanese designer who is passionate about simple, clean everyday objects made from natural materials. Very early she noticed the lack of these types of objects that surrounded her during her childhoo... Read more

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nous paris, plateaux en lin et résine vichy noir et blanc, fog linen

Medium gingham serving tray 23 x 33cm / black and white

Fog Linen


This amazing serving tray is the result of the passion of the Japanese designer, Yumiko Sekine of Fog Linen, for the precious and simple linen fabrics. Keeping simple shapes of the Gingham fabric in black and white, this tray is a charming object for daily use. A polyester resin allows the fabric to keep the given tray shape and makes it waterproof. Simplicity and finesse are the keywords to describe this serving tray that will bring a charming touch to your table. ... more details



100%Linen and polyester resin


Black and white


Length 33cm width 23cm


Hand-wash, not suitable for extreme heat


In stock

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