Les Guimards

Les Guimards

Established in Burgundy, near the famous village of Saint Amand en Puisaye, Nathalie and Christophe Hurtault revisit classic forms in sandstone pottery with a contemporary vision. Having inherited from the family workshop, they reconcile modern desig... Read more

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Glazed stoneware breakfast saucer D 18cm / ivory

Les Guimards


This lovely breakfast saucer in glazed stoneware is generous and cosy by its forms and material. It is also a good size plate for your deserts or small dishes The softness of the glaze meets the harshness of the earth of La Puisaye in a pure design. Modernity, natural material and tradition reconcile for an elegant and cosy table. The grey clay of Saint Amand en Puisaye won its reputation among generations of ceramists in France and the rest of the world. Its aesthetic and physical properties, among which great resistance to heat, water and time, as well as suitability to dishwasher and microwave, make it a very convenient clay for our demanding everyday life. Les Guimards use the sandstone of Saint Amand, extracted from their own quarry, and prepare it themselves, preserving its original aspects. Enamels and colors are created by Christophe in respect of the environment and local communities. The potteries are craft goods, they are therefore liable to slight changes in color, weight, shape and capacity. ... more details



Glazed stoneware




Diameter 18cm


Suitable for dishwasher and microwave



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