Benoit Audureau

Benoit Audureau

“I like to prepare the clay, a raw clay that is not denatured. My clays come from brickworks or small local potteries. They are grinded, keeping everything that's in the... Read more

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nous paris benoit audureau theiere faite a la main
nous paris, theiere en terre, benoit audureau
nous paris benoit audureau theiere faite a la main

Small teapot in Fuilet clay 33cl / white

Benoit Audureau

100,00 80,00

This small teapot was made by hand, by Benoît Audureau. Let yourself be charmed by the smooth thick white glaze. This small teapot will be perfect for your solitary or duet delights. The capacity of this teapot is approx 33 cl. This clay being porous, the teapot may seep a little. It is therefore necessary to protect the table on which you will put it. Potteries are craft goods, therefore they are liable to slight changes in color, shape and capacity.   ... more details





Diameter 10cm Height 10,5cm


Wash by hand


Terre du Fuilet

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