nous is a galery shop in Paris, an eshop and a digital magazine curating ceramics and modern crafts and the stories of their makers

nous offers: a unique curated selection of craft objects for the table and the home, combining traditional methods with a modern aesthetics; inspiration editorial content about interior design and french art de vivre; stories at the heart of creativity in our designers workshops.




nous is an invitation to take the time.

Time to think of who we are and what we buy.

Time to know where the objects that make our everyday lives come from, know their story and the one of their maker. Time to pay attention to the beautiful details that make them.

Time to wonder, be amazed, and see an emotion blossom.


Why nous


First person plural in french, nous refers to a community which includes the speaker. Each person talking about nous is therefore automatically part of the project and makes it his own.

Through its platform and curated selection, nous links conscious consumers and makers and creates a collective human adventure to which each of us contributes.

The “nous” in Ancient Greece and in philosophy means the spirit, the soul light, the divine spark in every thing.

Portrait Josephine Ponsolle pour nous 2



nous is HER, Joséphine Ponsolle, former financial analyst graduated from HEC Paris and converted to creative management at IFM Paris. Joséphine launches nous in February 2016, firmly decided to dedicate her professional life to celebrating beauty.


What fascinates her most is THEM, the designers and artisans from here and elsewhere, who she learns to know through her experience in fine jewellery in Copenhagen, in perfume creation in Paris or fashion accessories in Portugal. All the artisans curated by Joséphine make objects through which they pass along a heritage, a tradition, crafts and know-how from generation to generation.


With nous, Joséphine thinks about YOU, who share the conviction that beauty lies in what they hold of humanity and story, YOU, who wish to take the time to meet the makers and share your art de vivre with nous

It is us all, hence « nous », who share this love for the small everyday pleasures, the true moments, the excitment of a discovery and the joy of an encounter.