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How can I contact the customer service ?



Where do your products come from ?

One or several of my products are damaged, what should I do ?

An item is out of stock. Will you receive more of it ?

Is it possible to order an out of stock item ?

When will you receive the products marked « available soon » ?

It seems I can’t order any item in big quantities, why is that ?



How do I place an order on nous website ?

How do I know if my order has been correctly registered ?

How can I cancel an order ?



Which payment methods do you accept on nous website ?

Is the website secure ?

Do you my bank informations ?

What should I do if my payment wasn’t accepted ?

My payment was accepted but I haven’t received the confirmation email, what should I do ?



Which countries are available for delivery ?

Where can my order be delivered ?

What are the delivery costs and delays ?

What will happen if I’m not here when they deliver my order ?

What should I do if I don’t receive my order ?



How can I return an item ordered on nous website ?

Have you received my return ?

What happens if my product breaks or get damaged during the return ?

What should I do if my order arrives broken or damaged ?



What is your privacy policy ?

How can I access my account if I lost my password ?

How can I suscribe to your Newsletter ?